Friday just got better: Here are some time-wasting puppies.

Doggies, doggos, puppers. There are few things greater than the sight of a happy dog.

We’ve put together a short and sweet game (top video) that tests your dog naming abilities. There aren’t any Fluffys or Fidos but there is one famous Australian wife among them.

I failed to get any correct and I was pausing in order to give myself more time.

Have a peek to see if you and your favourite celebrity share a favourite breed. Post continues after gallery.

Dog owners will know that naming a four-legged friend is a decision you may later regret. I named my dog “Howl”. Sounds cute, right?

Now imagine shouting “HOWL!” across a dog park and having every other owner turn to you with a look of utter confusion.

“Hal? Holl? Howard?”

How about I pick a better name next time?

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