After nine ducklings lost their mum, Fred the Labrador decided to adopt them.


This is important.

It’s possibly the most important story of the year, nay, the decade.

A dog named Fred has just adopted nine ducklings.

Yep, Fred the Labrador is now the proud father of nine fluffy lil’ ducklings.

The doggo-duckling family live at Mountfitchet Castle in Essex.

dog making friends
"I do an adopt. I be father." 

Last Thursday, the staff noticed the ducklings were on their own.

They quickly figured out the duckling's mother had been eaten by a fox and were in the process of deciding how to look after them, when Fred stepped in.

"I do an adopt. I be father," he probably said as the ducklings climbed onto his back one-by-one.

Fred has really taken to his new role as a dad and even takes the ducklings out swimming.

"He goes swimming in the moat," owner Jeremy Goldsmith told The Independent

"Ducklings that age, they just want a mother and they now have Fred, a stay-at-home dad."

This isn't the first time 10-year-old Fred has taken to another rescue animal.

Last year Jeremy and his wife took in a squirrel who they named Fleabag.

Fred and Fleabag were inseparable for six whole months.

He's a very good boy indeed.

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