A clever doggo decided she wanted to get some higher education and crashed a uni lecture.

Nothing brings more joy than seeing dogs do human things.

Like the pet doggos who get their photos taken with Santa. Or the fluff-ball who was most definitely Nicolas Cage’s twin. Or the pack of puppers who posed for the best Christmas nativity scene we have ever seen, starring puppy Jesus himself.

But usually, these are situations that we trick our ‘lil pals into – with lots of planning, love and Scooby snacks.

So when a dog took it upon herself (well, ‘she’ could have been a ‘he’, but for the purposes of this story, we will go with the former) to barge into a university lecture unannounced, the internet promptly lost it.

The clever woofer, clearly deciding she wanted to get some higher education, crashed an 8am class in the US. Unfortunately, she was far too cute and far too four-legged to go unnoticed. Chaotic scenes (and squeals) ensued, before students did what any smart millennial would do: they whipped out their iPhones.


The photo on Twitter has since been shared thousands of times. But more importantly, what happened to the dog?

Well, apparently a fellow student tried to ringing the phone number on the collar, before calling campus security to help get her home.

Oh and she now has her own Twitter account.

It’s not every Tuesday that a dog crashes your classroom, so we wish we had more information about this doggo’s origin story, but she reportedly refused to explain.

Whatever the case, someone get this good girl some notepads and textbooks, stat. She’s welcome anytime.

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