Just 9 brilliant Christmas gift ideas for the good boys and girls in your life.

Family is important, and arguably, the most important part of any family is the pet.

Grandma? Yeah, she’s alright. Your brother is nice enough too.

But… your dog.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Speaking of dogs, we really don’t deserve them. Post continues below video.

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The idea of buying your pet a gift this Christmas may seem… ridiculous, because it is, but it’s also GENIUS because there’s nothing greater than a happy pet. Bringing them joy brings you joy.

Plus, a present will mean your dog will get excited and maybe give you extra cuddles. If you have a cat, they might also give you an inkling that they’re happy. Maybe.

If you do want extra fluffy cuddles this December 25, here are a few of the best gifts for your furry best pal.

Big W Kiddo Dog Christmas Stocking, $6.

dog christmas presents
Images: Big W.

Is there anything a dog loves more than treats? Big W's selection of dog treat Christmas stockings means your furry friend can enjoy a Christmas feast too.

Rufus and Coco I Give A Wag toys, $16.95.

dog christmas presents
Image: Rufus & Coco.

Every purchase from Rufus & Coco's I Give A Wag toy range donates to the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation to support their mission of ending unnecessary euthanasia in Australian pounds, so you and your best mate can play knowing you're helping other animals.

There's a selection of toys to use for tug-of-war, throwing and fetching, and of course, cuddles when they're knackered at the end of the day. Plus, they're cute!

Other cool toy options include Purina's limited edition Star Wars releases ($14.99), which includes a very cute Chewbacca for dogs and a BB-8 cat toy that vibrates and moves, meaning your cat is definitely going to chase after it.

Oh, and how about a champagne bottle for your boujee (or boozy) best mate ($24.95)?

Doggytopia Zippy Burrow Reindeer Pen, $27.95.

dog christmas presents
Image: Doggytopia.

With this toy, your dog will burrow its cute lil nose into a cute lil santa box to dig out cute lil squeaky reindeer. What more could you ask for?

Costume Box Gingerbread Pup Dog Costume or Elf Pup Pet Costume, $39.99

dog christmas presents
Images: Costume Box.


Granted, neither are super practical for your pooch given it is usually very hot on Christmas Day so...

Henley & Co Christmas Velvet Jingle Bell Neck Scarf, $22.95.

dog christmas presents
Image: Henley & Co.

This neck scarf is still cute and festive, but light enough to not melt your dog on a hot summer's day.

Rufus and Coco Rechargable Laser Cat Toy, $12.99.

dog christmas presents
Images: Rufus & Coco.

Sure, cats may be less receptive to cute costumes (I mean, you can try, but I hope you have bandaids on hand). But you know what cats are receptive to?


Keep your pet entertained and stimulated, with the added benefits of exercise and lols with this cute little toy.

Big W matching Christmas pyjamas, $6.

Matching Christmas pyjamas
Image: supplied.
Christmas dog
SO. CUTE. Image: BIG W.

Hello, yes, there is nothing better than matching pyjamas especially when you're matching with your dog. Big W has the full set, and the cute lil dog version is only $6.

Santa Pyjamas

Elf Pyjamas

Catit Cat Senses Super Roller Circuit, $30.99.

dog christmas presents
Image: Catit.

I watched a video of a cat playing with this toy and it was wonderful. 10/10 must have for every cat in my life.

Bondi Wash Dog Essentials gift pack, $50.

dog christmas presents
Image: Bondi Wash.

For the boujee, pampered doggos in your life, this pack contains dry dog wash, mini dog wash, mini kennel spray and a chic black wash cloth.

This is basically the dog equivalent of a fancy face mask and body scrub, all kept together in a cute lil cosmetics bag (until now we didn't think dogs needed cosmetics bags, but now we think they all must).

Merry Christmas, ya (no longer) filthy animal.

Feature image: Big W/Doggytopia/Costume Box.

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