STOP EVERYTHING: A Bachelorette finale ad looks like it's accidentally spoiled the ending.

Guys, The Bachelorette gods have finally decided to give our poor souls a break.

We now have confirmation that Stu will definitely maybe probably not but hopefully lose the race to win Sophie Monk’s heart.

Look, we’ll be honest. It’s not much. But at this point, we’ll take whatever scrap of hope we can get.

Now, in the latest teaser Channel 10 have released for the upcoming Bachelorette finale, Stu and Sophie are on a lovely aquarium date. They talk, they look at fish, they kiss, blah. It looks like this:


Cool. Fish. 

That was all dandy until it was pointed out that WE HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE.

No, not on this season of The Bachelorette, not even Georgia Love's, but right back to our inaugural, Sam Frost.

You may think this is no cause for alarm. Channel Ten recycle dates all the time #budgetcuts.


However, we would like to tell you this is quite problematic because the cute aquarium date wasn't just any date with Sam Frost. It was one that she went on with runner-up, kind-of professional footballer Michael Turnbull.



Firstly, it literally looks the exact same.

Nonetheless, many eagle-eyed fans are hoping that it was no coinky-dink Stu winds up on this aquarium date with Sophie.

He may just be destined for second like Michael.

Or, he owns the aquarium.

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