So your hair's had a dramatic colour change, do your eyebrows need to follow suit?

Image: Kylie Jenner and her newly blonde brows (Instagram).

Kylie Jenner unveils a new hair colour practically every week, but this time her eyebrows have also come along for the ride.

After months of foiling us all with wigs and coloured extensions, the 18-year-old shared her new “ashy dirty blonde” on Instagram last week. Kylie’s eyebrows then crossed over to the light side a few days later (see above), with a little help from celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli.

So what’s the go here? Does a dramatic hair colour change need to happen in tandem with your brows?

“It’s not always necessary to change your eyebrows when you get your hair coloured,” says image stylist Rose Jackson.

Of course, personal preference plays a part in all of this — it’s your hair, so the choice is all yours. Some women love to have contrasting hair and brow colours, while others are hesitant to go the full Daenerys Targaryen:

White hair, dark brows: it's the Targaryen way.

"I meet many naturally dark-haired ladies who want a change in hair colour, but are fearful about going lighter because their brows are naturally darker," Rose, who is both a colourist and a brow artist, says.

In this instance, she recommends "lifting" the brow colour by one shade, or even half a shade, to tone down the depth and intensity of their natural darkness. "It softens the harshness of the black eyebrows against the hair colour and simply blends everything together," Rose explains.

Similarly, women who dye their hair a vibrant colour like red might want to consider tweaking their brows to complement it.

"Often red hair can look artificial and 'off' when sitting next to a blonde or brown eyebrow. I might look at colouring the eyebrow hair to create more of a blend," Rose says. (Post continues after gallery.)

That doesn't mean bottle redheads have to embrace equally fiery brows; Rose says this could look a bit "wild" if the person's hair isn't naturally red (although Kaley Cuoco took the plunge by matching her brows to her pink hair, so there's that).

Instead, Rose will colour the brows a deep, rich brown, or almost black if the hair is a deep dark red. For women with a lighter, more copper shade, a rich warm brown is a nice choice for brows.


"I find the person's features then don't get lost in the vibrancy of the hair colour. The result is more harmonised and balanced," Rose adds. Alternatively, a fringe that sits halfway over the brows can disguise the contrast between a vibrant red and the naturally duller eyebrow hair.

Why stop at pink hair? Kaley Cuoco went matchy matchy.

Although brunettes who go blonde might choose to lighten their brows, natural blondes might consider deepening their natural eyebrow colour if they want a 'fuller' appearance, as doing so picks up the finer hairs.

"Deepening the brows ever so slightly means the person's features are not 'lost' due to the vibrancy of the hair colour," she explains.

If you do decide to colour your brows, taking the DIY route is risky for several reasons. You have been warned.

"Brow hair is extremely fine and so takes colour much faster than the hair on our heads. You're also dealing with the skin on your face, which can be highly sensitive, not to mention the eye area. You don't want to have to deal with getting a drop of colour in your eye," Rose says.

The best place to have your brows coloured is a brow service salon, Rose says, because the staff will be expertly trained. You're probably looking at a monthly brow service, as that's generally how long it takes the hairs to grow out.

However, if that's not an option you might be able to have it done at the salon when you're having your hair coloured.

"Occasionally hairdressers are trained in this, but make sure they know what they are doing and they aren't just winging it because you've asked them," Rose says.

"It's always okay to ask your hair colourist for some direction and to advise on the brow-to-hair colour match, too."

Have you ever dyed your brows to match your hair?