The top apologies of 2010. Do you need to say sorry?

Sorry can be the hardest word.  Or is that just the lyrics to an Elton John song?

Flicking through the Time retrospective we happened upon the list of the top 10 apologies of the year.  Major stuff to have to apologise for publically.  Among the  Time Magazine top 10 apologies of 2010 were

Tiger Woods, to Everyone, for Cheating on His Wife

Taylor Swift, to Taylor Lautner in Song

Other apologies included:

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, to Toyota Buyers

In late February, Akio Toyoda apologised for his company’s handling of the sudden-acceleration problem in its cars to Washington and apologized to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

He had previously apologised in Japan and prior to that to his shareholders.

John Mayer's tweets

John Mayer, to Everyone, for Using a Racial Epithet

Trying to make a point about whether he was accepted by rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West, John Mayer used the N word to explain that he wasn’t allowed to use the N word. Except he didn’t say “N word.”

Outrage ensued, and Mayer apologized in that very 21st century way, via Twitter. “Re: using the ‘N’ word in an interview, I am sorry,” he tweeted.
He has not apologised for  referring to one of his celebrity ex-girlfriends as “sexual napalm.”

Elizabeth and Erin

Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Erin Andrews, for Making Light of Her Stalker

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck apologized to ESPN reporter Erin Andrews after joking that the stalker who had photographed Andrews naked could have just waited a few weeks and seen her in scanty outfitson Dancing with the Stars.

President Obama

President Obama, to Guatemala, for U.S. Medical Experiments

From 1946 to 1948, the U.S. government, with the cooperation of a number of other bodies (including the Guatemalan government), tested an experimental syphilis vaccine on Guatemalan prisoners. In order to do this, it first exposed the men to syphilis, sometimes through prostitutes, sometimes directly injecting the bacteria into their spinal columns. In October, after a Wellesley College professor uncovered the practice, President Obama called Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom to apologize on behalf of the U.S.

Have you got anyone that you want to apologise to?  Publicly on Mamamia?

Mia: “I’d like to apologise to my husband for all the bingles I made in both our cars when driving them due to my spatial skills not being fantastic. I’d also like to say sorry to him and the children for being unreasonable during the times when it was, in fact, unreasonable (that’s not to say there were not times when my being unreasonable was not TOTALLY JUSTIFIED – are you still reading?). Finally, I’d like to apologise to my cuticles for chewing them when stressed.

Lana: “I’d like to apologise to my son for being intolerant and impatient a lot of the time. I also better apologise to my husband on whom I take it out when I get angry with myself for being intolerant and impatient with our son. I’d also like to apologise to the teacher that I made cry in April this year, it’s still on my mind and I still believe you were very wrong but I am sorry you cried”

Nicky: “There may be a pattern emerging here, but I also need to say sorry to my husband… Sorry for taking up 3/4 of the wardrobe and vacuum packing your clothes to make more room for mine and for being at times, impossible to live with. I should also say sorry to my friends who I went AWOL on this year and I’d also like to apologise in advance to my liver; we’ll make amends in January.”

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