Do women prefer laptops?

I know three women of vastly different ages who have just bought laptops. Each of them went against the advice of the men in their lives who all have desktop computers. Co-incidence?

It’s the same in my house. I have always had a laptop and Jason has always had a desktop.

Is this a male/female thing? Women like to take our computers with us to different parts of the house….even to bed. I love working on my bed. Before I set up my office at home, that’s exclusively where I worked, with my laptop on pillows. I once read that author Marian Keyes writes all her books like that. Apparently, laptop-on-pillows is a very female type of desk.

One of the women who got a laptop last month was my Mum who is a Mac devotee like me. She got a new Macbook which I am COVETING. Last weekend she was showing me a slideshow she’d done and I kept interrupting to stroke the laptop. “Look at the photos!” she said. “Sorry” I replied, stroking the illumniated keyboard. It was BYOOOTIFUL.

Do women and men have different types of relationships with our computers? My laptop has become like a giant virtual handbag. I don’t think my husband feels quite the same way about his computer……

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