The new season of Will & Grace introduced a truly upsetting story-line.



No, thank you, please.

There’s one Will & Grace story-line that should never, ever happen.

It’s the one in which Will (Eric Cormack) and Jack (Sean Hayes) discover – after years of platonic friendship – that they should be together.


This cannot be a thing… but also it could be.

There’s one story-line in Will and Grace that should never, ever happen. Post continues. 

Let me break it down for you.

The season nine finale just aired and the series has been renewed for two more seasons.

This news got fans thinking about what the show could explore in the next two seasons and a lot of them came to the same unsettling conclusion… the writers could get Will and Jack together.

In fact, some believe the entire season 10 is going to be one big build up to Will and Jack finally falling in love with each other.

And there are clues that this could happen.

For instance, in the finale episode Will and Jack had a discussion about whether they had ever looked at each other with romantic intentions.

Will said he had contemplated it once when Jack was out on the balcony looking vulnerable, and he thought “That’s a face I could love”.


Jack replied he had never thought of Will that way. But he did have a big realisation this season – he’s finally ready to make a commitment to someone.

So, it’s possible the writers are setting all this up so Will and Jack find love with each other, but we really hope they’re not.

What was so groundbreaking about the original series was the fact it centred around two gay men who were just friends.

They’ve grown together and supported each other through twenty plus years of ups and downs, new relationships and old heartbreaks.

To tie all that up with a neat little romantic bow might seem like an easy win, but it would probably cost the show its hard-earned integrity.

And it just wouldn’t feel right.

So, no.

No, thank you, please.

You can watch the whole first season of the Will & Grace revival on Stan right now, along with the first original eight seasons. 

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