Can't go 2 mins without checking your phone? Here's how to cure your addiction.

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone, and they constantly check their phone while you’re talking? If you’re anything like me, it leaves you feeling unimportant — and makes you wonder if you ever do this when other people are talking to you.

Wouldn’t it be crazy to meet with someone and just be so totally rapt in conversation and enjoying their company that you don’t even think of your phone or social media?

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Imagine if you enjoyed your time together so much that you didn’t even think to post about it on social media to show everyone else how much fun you were having.

Using your phone in bed is a clear sign that you're in need of a phone detox. Image via iStock.

Today, we're so obsessed with our phones that some people experience what is called "Nomophobia" — the fear of being away from your phone.

Many people become anxious when they are running out of battery or credit, or when they have no reception or lose their phones. Some people even feel phantom vibrations, constantly thinking their phone is ringing or they are getting a message.


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How often do you think you check your phone? Have you tried to go a day without using your phone? It's pretty hard isn't it? But severing the dependence you have with your phone will allow you to have a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.

Find you use your phone even if you're looking at another screen? If you really struggle to watch TV without multi-tasking, turn your favourite show into a workout game instead (post continues after gallery).

Tips for a phone detox:

1. Start slow.

Don't try to do too much too soon. Start by trying not to look at your phone for the first half an hour when you wake up, working your way up to only checking your phone every hour, then only a few times a day.

2. Get rid of notifications.

Remove notifications for Facebook, Instagram, emails and other apps, leaving only notifications from texts and calls.

3. Think differently

Rewire your brain and the way you think about your phone - if you don't look at it right now, what is the worst that could happen? Will it be as much of a disaster as you originally thought?

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4. Remember your hobbies

Remember what you loved to do before you were so dependent on your phone. Make a list of things that give you pleasure (reading a book, going for a jog, drawing, writing, etc), and every time you feel like checking your phone, do one of those things instead.

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Good luck with your phone detox! You may find it is more difficult than you think, but trust us it will be worth it. Make sure you keep us posted on your progress by commenting below! 

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