Do famous men ever get to see their children? Guy Sebastian weighs in.

When you’re a big-deal pop star, and you’re married to a big-deal stylist and you’ve got two tiny kids and you’re always on the road and you’re moving house and you’re promoting a record… Well, family time is hard to come by.

In the scheme of problems, this is a good one to have.

But if that big-deal pop star is a woman, the question she will be asked in every single interview is: “How do you do all that? How do you juggle it all?”

So why doesn’t anyone ask Guy Sebastian that?

Well, we decided to. Listen to him talking about the guilt of being a “Working Dad”, here:

For a special episode of the podcast I Don’t Know How She Does It we took a Sharpie to the title, and ask Guy how HE does it.

And what he told us is that he juggles and stresses and prioritises just like, well, just like a Mum does.

Of course.

His priority, he says, is making it home for bed time whenever it’s humanly possible.

“I can go through anything during the day career-wise, personally, financially, whatever, anything,” he says. “And then it’s that moment when you’re in the dark, with your kid and they’re in your arms and you’re telling them you love them…

“That’s my favourite thing to do in the world. There’s nothing that comes close.

“[So] I duck home, do bedtime and bath time and then go back to the studio. So I’m fortunate, I see my kids a lot.”

He also tells us about how in awe he is of his wife Jules Sebastian, who he has known – and been dating on and off – since he was 12 years old.

And how living with a partner, and now a partner, two kids, a wife and an au-pair, has been a bit of a shock to his solitary system.

And, oh, about that time he was bum-to-bum with Beyonce.

And really, until you hear his impression of The Queen, you’ve barely lived.


Guy Sebastian’s new EP, Part 1, is available here

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