An honest answer to the question of whether anti aging creams really work.

L'Oreal Revitalift
Thanks to our brand partner, L'Oreal Revitalift

You, the Mamamia audience, asked if anti-ageing creams really work.

And I’m happy to report that we now have a resounding answer to that question. But before we get to the results, here’s a bit of background on the trial.

We sent our Opinionators (a select group of Mamamia readers) L’Oreal Paris’ Revitalift Day Cream to trial over 14 days. We asked them to apply the product once a day and to track their progress against the wrinkle reader. That was it — aside from sitting back and waiting for the magic to happen.

L’Oreal’s own trial found that 94 per cent of women noticed a visible reduction in their wrinkles and over 80 per cent noticed a difference in the product against the wrinkle reader. Would our trial yield the same results? Would even the most sceptical Mamamia opinionators notice a difference in their skin’s texture? Is L’Oreal shaking in their boots?

Well, no. The powers that be at L’Oreal need not be sweating bullets. Out of the many women who trialed Revitalift Day Cream, only one found it didn’t suit her skin type. And even she was impressed with how hydrated her skin became after using Revitalift.

But by far the biggest results came from readers who initially measured a four on the wrinkle reader. After just two weeks, many reported moving down two places. These readers, as you would expect, were thrilled with the results — particularly those in their early forties.

“After using this product for 14 days, I believe I’ve seen a change. My skin feels more supple and it felt fantastic on application,” writes Alida. “I’m in my early 40’s and was probably a rating 3 on the ruler scale. After the 14 day trial, I think I’m now a 2.”

“I’m in my early 40’s and I feel my skin looks better. I was a rating 4 on the scale before I started and now feel I am a 2,” Rachel said.


Rachel also offered this tip: “I made the mistake of putting too much on the first time and then I felt my makeup was sliding on top of it. So the trick is not to over apply if you are putting makeup on.”

Linda Toohey also saw big improvements in her skin. “I think I was a 4 to start and by the end I was a 2,” she said. “The most impressive change I saw was in the firmness of my skin. It felt tighter and more taught. I was most impressed!”

For others who didn’t notice an immediate change in their wrinkles, they wrote glowing reports on Revitalift’s other benefits: all-day hydration, radiance, and brightening of their skin tone and texture.

“While I didn’t notice a huge difference in my wrinkles, this was by far the best moisturiser that I have ever used. It lasted all day,” says Beck. “I have very dry, sensitive skin and most moisturisers are very quickly absorbed, leaving my skin red and inflamed. I would highly recommend this product!”

Melissa echoed this sentiment: “My wrinkles didn’t disappear completely, but they look better and I feel my face seems brighter. I was at a 4 and now look like a 2.”

Another reader, Lauren, agrees: “I liked how firm my skin felt and that it was easy to apply, and absorbed quickly – it was ultra-hydrating.”

By now, you’re probably plotting a trip to purchase a jar for yourself, and why not?

With feedback like that, it’s easy to see why Revitalift Day Cream is one of L’Oreal’s best-selling day creams worldwide. Time to stock up…

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