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"I could not continue with the marriage because of the size of his penis.’’

They were married for a week, and she couldn’t handle it.

A woman in Nigeria has asked to divorce her husband after just one week of marriage, because his penis is too big.

Unbearably big.

And when it comes to pain and her vagina, this woman gets it – she’s been married before and already has three kids. Which means she’s pushed a human out of her vagina THREE TIMES, and she still couldn’t handle the pain of her new husband’s peen in her special place.

The couple live in Zamfara, a state which practices Islamic law, which is why they weren’t permitted to have sex until their wedding night. It was then that she discovered she’d got herself into a bit of a (huge) pickle.

According to Nigeria’s Tribune, she told the court that “…the experience was too much to bear. It was then I knew that I could not continue with the marriage because of the size of his penis.’’

Not surprisingly, the husband agreed that yes, he does have a massive penis, and he would be willing to grant the woman a divorce because his penis is just so massive and he understands that she can’t handle his massive, massive penis.

Unfortunately, the woman was told she must pay back her dowry and any money that was spent during the week of marriage. So basically, she’s being forced to pay to get out of having sex with a man she doesn’t want to have sex with.

Another win for women everywhere.

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