"I quit drinking, she said I wasn't fun any more." People share their divorce confessions online.

Marriages can end for countless reasons, from cheating and lying, to addiction and violence.

Now, strangers are sharing their deepest divorce confessions on Reddit – and it’s equal parts fascinating and horrifying.

In the thread, users who had been married for more than five years were asked to share their stories, and whether they believed they could have saved their marriage.

how to help a divorcing friend
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Many of the stories are disturbing, but they offer a refreshingly honest insight into divorce, what causes it, and maybe even how to avoid it.

fancyfire wrote, "I quit drinking, she said I wasn't fun any more. I've tried to fix it, didn't worked out." 50grnizky confessed, "my ex freaked when I thought I was pregnant. He then went out with any woman available. Thankfully we didn't have any children.The marriage lasted seven years. I kept believing he would go back to the best friend and wonderful man I married. It didn't happen."

Grab tissues before watching this touching letter from the child of divorce. Post continues after video...


my1throwaway2today shared, "Was married for 8 years. We rarely fought and we were like best friends. Sex was amazing. Eventually, she decided to start hanging out with the wrong girls. They got her into drinking, partying, drugs, etc." DatelessWonderDude wrote, "...she showered once a week if I was lucky and "letting herself go" was an understatement. Between body odour and other things, I lost interest in sex. At some point, I realised that none of my needs were being met and talked with her to try to improve things."

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thegreatburner claims they just grew apart. "After 7 years, we just kinda of grew apart. We both wanted things from our partners we were not giving to each other. We became roommates and co-parents but all romantic feelings disappeared." User shapeofthings was cheated on: "Found out she was sleeping with a series of other guys and had a coke habit."

But the worst story was from Must_throwaway, who said "He turned out to be a paedophile. Still fighting for custody. Should have separated before we had a child together and having had to face the discovery."

It's a sober reminder of the million things that can destroy a marriage - and we hope all of the Redditors have now moved on with their lives and found happiness.

Have you been divorced? How did you cope?