An ISIS terror attack plot for Disneyland Paris has been uncovered, French police say.

Five French men with ties to ISIS have been arrested, with authorities claiming the group had plans to attack a major Paris landmark.

Police arrested the men (four of whom were French natives and another who was born in Morocco) in Strasbourg and Marseille last weekend, seizing weapons and a cache of research on potential attack sites that included Paris Disneyland and the popular Champs-Elysees Christmas Market.

Police investigators believe the attack was scheduled to take place on December 1.

disneyland paris attack
The Champs Elysees Christmas market. Source: Getty.

Appearing in court before anti-terrorism judges in France on Friday, public prosecutor Francois Molins told a press conference that the group had been found with documents that showed "clear allegiance" to Islamic State, Channel 9 reports.

"The Strasbourg commando unit, but also the individual arrested in Marseille, were in possession of common instructions... sent by a coordinator from the Iraqi-Syrian region via encrypted applications," he said.

Other potential attack sites included Parisian cafes in the northeast area of the city, a metro train station and the capital's police headquarters.

disneyland paris attack
Over 14 million people visited Disneyland Paris last year. Source: Wikipedia.

While the Moroccan man was well known to intelligence services in Portugal and France, two of the French men were previously unknown to authorities prior to last weekend. Another two were suspected of travelling to Syria in 2015.

Molins also told the press that one of the five men had been in contact with two men arrested in June on charges relating to the 2016 European football tournament.

All five men are set to be prosecuted for terrorism offences.

A further two men were originally arrested along with the group last weekend but were later released without charge.

disneyland paris attack
French police have been on high alert since January 2015. Source: Getty.

The foiled plot comes after two years of severe unrest in the country.

In January 2015, 12 people were killed when IS radicals stormed the Charlie Hebdo magazine office and a supermarket.

In November 2015, 130 were killed when IS radicals opened fired at a number of venues across the city, including cafes, bars, a sporting stadium, and at a concert being held at the Bataclan.

In July 2016, 86 people were killed when an IS extremist drove a truck into a crowd watching the Bastille Day fireworks in Nice.