Disney just depicted its first same-sex couple smooch and we're cheering.

As the American LGBTIQ population is beginning to feel the frightening backward push of a Trump administration, it had a small victory in the fight for representation.

A recent episode of popular Disney show ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’ aired, for the first time ever, a kiss between a cartoon same-sex couple. In fact, there was actually more than one.

In the episode, the main characters go to see a boy band, only to have the crowd around them, moved by the tweenage pop stars, break out into an impromptu make out session.

There’s a mustachoed man locking lips with his glasses-wearing boyfriend.

Who are these cuties? Source: Disney

And later in the scene, several other same-sex couples can be spotted, including some female ones.

It's not the first time a Disney show has moved to include LGBTIQ people, but it's the first time one of the network's cartoons has.

The animators of  'Star vs. the Forces of Evil' have also been praised for celebrating other forms of diversity among their imagined audience members, who come from different backgrounds and in all different shapes and sizes.

More of this please, 2017!

You can watch the full clip on YouTube.

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