10 epic things you didn't know about Disney princesses

Planning on some Disney princess action this school holidays? Read these 10 amazing secrets and never see them quite the same way again.

I kid you not, I am still watching the classic Disney movies. I don’t even have an excuse.

I do not/am not:
a) Working for Mr. Walt Disney
b) Currently under the age of 12
c) Have any children of my own who are begging me to dress them in a plastic costume gown to watch Cinderella.

No. excuses.

Except that inside every girl, a Disney princess is pirouetting and daintily drinking green tea and eating kale. You can’t help watching them prance across your screen because at one time you really thought you would be one.

Or at least I did.

So when I found out these crazy facts about the famed princesses, I was shocked.

This post was adapted from a further 50 facts about the Disney princesses, found here.

CLICK THROUGH our gallery of wacky facts to find out all the hidden details about the princesses you love. If you are on mobile, the words are beneath the picture. 

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