"My boyfriend won't discuss marriage as it will 'ruin the surprise'. But there's still no ring..."

You’re in a loving, committed relationship. Both you and your partner know you want to get married and have babies. But there’s still no ring.

What do you do?

That’s the exact situation 33-year-old Reddit user mandybeanlittle has found herself in – and she’s getting desperate.

She wrote:

"My boyfriend and I just celebrated four years together. We are very in love and very committed to each other. We both want to get married and have kids, we have been upfront about this from the beginning. Now, with that being said, my boyfriend has still not proposed. I brought up us getting engaged about a year ago, after three years of dating," she said.

"My boyfriend reacted with a combination of irritation and teasing amusement. He said he had been thinking of proposing but if I ask it just "ruins the element of surprise"'s [now] been a full year since I first brought up getting engaged and married and I have brought the subject up three TIMES over that time period and each and every time I've been told I'm "ruining the surprise."

"I do not need a big fancy show boat proposal. I don't need a $6,000 ring. I'd be happy with a $300 ring as long as it came from him with the promise of forever...Let's be frank, I'm 33 and I want to have babies. My clock is ticking worse than the crocodile's in Peter Pan. I don't have a whole lot of time to waste here, and I refuse to reproduce with a man I am not married to."


Call us crazy - but it sounds like these guys need to work this out, pronto.

Reddit users had plenty of blunt advice - from mixed-metaphor posting "It's this simple. You need to have an honest conversation about your, and his, expectations" to runawaycola writing "I honestly have never understood the whole waiting around for the guy to propose thing. I'm a woman, and at this stage, if I wanted to get married, I'd ask the guy myself. If he says no, there's your answer. No more wasted time."

Our advice? Here's a new mantra for mandybeanlittle:

How long would you wait for your partner to propose?

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