Nine songs you never realised were completely X-rated.

Who knew?

If you, like me, tend to blindly sing along to songs without giving a second thought to the lyrics, then this list? It might seriously shock you.

So make sure you take a seat – because some of your beloved childhood songs are actually pretty damn filthy.

You’ll never think of The Beatles in the same way again…

So dirty…

1. Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life.

So upbeat, so catchy. And so, so dirty.

Yep – I used to belt out this 1997 hit aged 11 with no clue it was an ode to crystal meth and blow jobs:

She comes round and she goes down on me/The sky was gold, it was rose/
I was taking sips of it through my nose/
And I wish I could get back there, someplace back there/
Smiling in the pictures you would take/
Doing crystal meth, will lift you up until you break/

Video via “Third

2. The Knack – My Sharona.

Whenever I hear this song, my impulse is to awkwardly dance along to it publicly, a la Reality Bites. But while you’re tapping your toes along to the beat, know this: It was actually about lusting after a teenager.

Need proof?

“I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind.”

‘Nuff said.

Video via “EMI

3. Vengaboys – Boom Boom Boom Boom.

OK, so this one isn’t so subtle. It’s entirely about sexy times.

But when I was in Year 6, I guess I just thought it was about…a demolition? Cannons? I don’t know what I thought – but it’s all about bangin’:

Boom boom boom boom/
I want you in my room/
Let’s spend the night together/
From now until forever/

Video via “Vengaboys”

4. Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box.

In 2012, Courtney Love told Lana del Ray that the grunge classic was about…her vagina.

This is what she tweeted:

“You do know the song is about my Vagina right? ‘Throw down your umbilical noose so i can climb right back,’ umm…On top of which some of the lyrics about my vagina I contributed. So umm next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?”

So, there’s that…

Video via “Nirvana”

5. Milkshake – Kellis.

Newsflash: She’s not talking about a refreshing beverage here, guys.

Internet forums are divided over whether ‘milkshake’ refers to Kelis’ boobs, her general sex appeal, or her sexy moves – but either way, it’s a sex reference.

Video via “EMI

6. Bryan Adams – Summer of 69.

Bryan Adams would have been nine in 1969 – so he’s sure as hell not singing about the year here.

He’s even been quoted as saying: “One thing people never got was that the song isn’t about the year 1969. It’s about making love, a la ’69!”

It’s about simultaneous oral sex, not a nostalgic tribute to the ’60s, people.

Video via “Bryan

7. Hunters and Collectors – Throw Your Arms Around Me.

It’s been described as the most romantic song about a one-night stand ever written.

But that doesn’t stop us getting all teary-eyed when a second rate cover band belts it out at a seedy pub at 1am:

And we may never meet again/
So shed your skin and let’s get started/

Video via “Hunters

8. Vanessa Carlton– White Houses.

It sounds all sweet and nostalgic, and it is – but it’s also about losing your virginity (in a car, with cracked leather seats).

If only all our first times were so lyrical…

My first time, hard to explain/
Rush of blood, oh, and a little bit of pain/

Video via “Vanessa

9. The Beatles – Ticket To Ride.

This is my personal favourite, because it’s not about some cool chick who’s got a bus ticket. It’s actually about STI-free prostitutes.

John Lennon himself said it was a reference to cards carried by Hamburg prostitutes in the 1960s which indicated a clean bill of health, so it’s literally about prostitutes having the all-clear to have sex:

She’s got a ticket to ride/
She’s got a ticket to ride/
She’s got a ticket to ride/
But she don’t care/


Video via “The

So, have we missed any secretly dirty songs?