This viral wedding dress is the next big trend. We really wish it wasn't.

Whenever a wedding dress goes viral on Pinterest or Imgur, I question my entire existence because they just NEVER LOOK THAT GOOD TO ME.

And the latest viral wedding frock? Yet another disappointment.

This “dip dyed” wedding dress, which has been clicked on over two million times in under two days, is apparently the next big wedding trend. It’s even been given a whimsical nickname – “wedding meets sunset” .

Except… um… it’s kind of ugly.

Dip dyed wedding dress

Another popular description for the look is “a beautiful, enchanted coffee filter.”

Don’t get me wrong, this bride has every right to match her reddy-purpley hair to her bouquet and dress, but this look isn’t for a klutz like me.

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Sure, there’s the added benefit of never having to worry about scuffs or stains down the bottom, but can we think of the DIY disasters this wedding dress is now going to cause?

Just think of them.


Some poor woman out there with zero qualifications in design or fabric colouring is going to dunk her beautiful white gown into a big ol’ tub of ink and ruin it. One small error and BOOM – ruined dress.

As one commenter aptly put it: How many people are gonna f**k up an expensive dress trying to do this now?”

Exactly. It just… it just gives me anxiety, okay?

Please, please don’t DIY this at home, your chiffon and I BEG YOU.

Speaking of wedding dress fails…