The wedding invite looks perfectly normal at first glance, and then we zoomed.

Let’s put it this way… the groom is in deep trouble.

Ben had one job for his wedding to Amy. ONE JOB. To design and send out the Save-the-Date wedding invites.

And this is what happened.

Nothing suss... (Via Imgur)

Everything seems okay, doesn't it? In fact, the Save-the-Date card looks pretty damn good.

Elegant script? Check.

Spelling errors? Nope.

Photo of the couple? Stunning.

Take a closer look then.

Can you see it? (Via Imgur)

No? Can't see it.

How about now?

Surprise! (Via Imgur)

Groom-to-be Ben had managed to sneakily conceal a Velociraptor in the background of the wedding invitation - all apparently without raising the suspicion of his fiancée.

The images of the dinosaur invasion were originally posted on Reddit with the title, "I had to wait until they were sent out, but it was worth it! SAVE THE DATE EVERYONE!".

Didn't see it? You most definitely weren't alone:

Images were also posted on Imgur, titled, "Why the husband shouldn't make the wedding invitations".

Site users praised Ben's cheek and Photoshop skills, deeming the stunt "well played" and calling him a "clever man".

One user went even further:

We didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

What do you think of Ben's creative wedding invite?

The invites about to land in your post box are quirky, random and completely left of field. From old school photos, to your dogs inviting guests on behalf of you, SCROLL THROUGH to see what people are sending out...

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