Found: The most effective diet for weight management.

We can count on all of our fingers and toes the amount of ridiculous and restrictive diets women have endured over the years: the lemon detox diet, the Dukan diet, the Atkins diet, etc, etc, etc.

Now, research has found that there is one diet that will help with weight management, but it’s not what we imagined.

A study from the University of Toronto showed that successful weight loss only came about after a long-term adherence to healthy eating: not short-and-sharp diets.

“If you can’t eat a certain way for the rest of your life, that diet is an exercise in futility,” obesity researcher, chief medical officer of ACAP Health Consulting and professor of preventative medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University Tim Church told US News. 

What will you be able to adopt as a lifelong diet?

"Find a way of eating that becomes your new normal, your new lifestyle. The goal is to find a way of life that happens to improve weight loss. That's the program that will work."

So, slow and steady DOES in fact win the race. Small changes to your everyday eating that you can sustain, well, forever.

The best diet you can choose is one you can commit to.

So, how do you find a diet you can stick to for the rest of your life?

Know what works for you.

Every person's body will react differently to various food groups. Bread isn't a common enemy for all women, you know. Know what works for your metabolism and remember that no diet is a 'one size fits all' solution. (Post continues after gallery.)


Allow for treats.

Here's the big one: cutting out ALL treats is only going to make you obsess over them. So, craft a diet plan that allows for some treats or at the very least, a healthy version of your favourite treats. Because a life without chocolate is a life without sunshine.

Easy lunch: Mason Jar Salad. (Post continues after video)


Diet is just routine, as is exercise. Not to mention it makes you feel like a superhero.