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Inside the rumour that The Bachelorette's Taite was caught flirting right before the finale.


It seems we have yet another Bachie rumour on our hands.

Just days since the theory that they’re faking their relationship emerged, a new rumour has surfaced about The Bachelorette’s Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley.

Despite happily flaunting their relationship on Instagram since the reality dating show’s finale, a new rumour courtesy of New Idea suggests Taite was caught “flirting” with girls before the finale aired.

In photos taken at a private Halloween party back in October, Taite was spotted posing with some unknown women.

(You can have a look at the pics here if you’re interested).


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And according to a ~source~ who was at the party, Taite was acting like a “total sleaze”.


“He was all over girls,” the source told New Idea.

“A lot of people recognised him from the show but assumed he was single,” they added.

“After that night, there was no way anyone thought Ali had chosen him.”

Despite the source’s claims, there could be an explanation for Taite’s behaviour on the night.

After all, back in October when the photos were taken, Ali and Taite were separated to avoid The Bachelorette finale being spoiled.

Osher… you need to stop making up games. Post continues below.

Earlier this week, Woman’s Day reported that some fans have suggested Ali and Taite’s relationship is fake.

Fans think the pair’s over-the-top make-out sessions are simply for the cameras and that the couple’s constant lovey-dovey Instagram posts are all just a publicity stunt.

A ‘friend’ of Taite also suggested that the couple’s relationship wasn’t genuine.

“Taite is only sticking around to get his Instagram numbers up and enjoy the perks of paid posts and free holidays,” the ‘source’ told New Idea.

“As soon as that starts to dry up, he will be gone.”


Only time will tell.

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