Sam finally answers the question everyone wants to know.

In an interview with 2DayFM’s Dan and Maz this afternoon The Bachelor’s Sam Frost finally answered that question everyone has been wanting to ask.

You know, they one about how Blake takes his coffee.


It was the one about cuddles. Special cuddles.  And more specifically, whether Sam and Bachie Blake had special cuddles while they were in South Africa… or in the five weeks they were engaged after.

C’mon, don’t pretend you didn’t want to know.

Here’s what went down:

On whether she’s shocked that it hasn’t worked out between her and Blake?

“I am actually. Now not so much but at the time I was very shocked… people say to me that I’m just as dumb for believing it on a reality TV show, but you know what? I was completely naive and I honestly believed in it… I was very genuine… and now in hindsight watching back I go ‘Yeah okay, that was a load of rubbish’, but at the time it was quite shocking.

On how she found out Blake was previously a stripper:

“Well, one of the girls was a little bit cheeky and they stole someone’s phone and Googled it (laughs)…but it was actually quite funny! I wasn’t too upset about it. I just thought ‘You know what? We’ve all good pasts. Good on ya’. Yeah look like I think my past just consists of working at Rebel Sport but um, he was a stripper!”

On the proposal and whether she’d have preferred Blake just give her a commitment ring: 

“For sure. I think the proposal is the thing that has hurt the most because…why would you propose to someone? I still don’t understand what he was thinking and I’m still quite confused about it but for me, I take it really seriously… marriage is really serious and for him to do that, I just think ‘Oh God’, like, if he had just pulled out a commitment ring and said ‘let’s give a crack at a relationship ‘ I’d be like ‘yeah sure’. It’s a bit disappointing, but you know I make jokes about it to my sister, I’m like ‘remember that time I was engaged for 20 minutes?’

On whether  they sleep together in South Africa?

“Everyone keeps asking that! No I didn’t. I actually slept on the couch…no that’s a lie, I didn’t really! I’m not surprised that people ask me that but no it didn’t happen.”

Check out the full interview here.

Sam’s looking happy on Instagram, at least:

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