Sam Frost says there's no way Richie could be getting lucky in the Bachelor Mansion.

Yesterday, the rumour-mill was buzzing with news that bachelor contestant Laura Williams had spilled the beans on Richie Strahan’s special cuddles.

Williams told a reporter from KIIS FM that multiple contestants had seen first hand that Richie’s ‘carpet matched his drapes’.

But according to former Bachelorette Sam Frost, there is absolutely no way anyone would have the opportunity to find that out in the Bachie Mansion.


Frost had her fair share of cheeky pashes during her reign as Bachie Queen, but says that’s about as far as it can go on-set. Unless of course voyeurism is your thing.

Richie Sam Pash Channel 10
(Image: Screenshot via Channel 10)

“There’s no way it would possibly happen,” she said on 2Day FM’s Rove and Sam this morning.

Frost admitted that if anyone had worked out a way to avoid the watchful eyes of producers and crew, it would have been her.

Sam Sash Pash Channel 10
(Image: Screenshot via Channel 10)

“If someone was going to have sex on the show, it would be me and I would push it,” she said. “I used to push the boundaries so hard but they’re so strict.”

Co-host Rove McManus directly addressed Laura Williams’ suggestion that several contestants had become intimately acquainted with Richie’s cool banana.”So you’re saying Richie is not having sex with anyone?” he asked.

Laura told a KIIS reported she’d heard from multiple sources that Richie’s carpet matched the drapes. (Image via Facebook/Laura Claire Williams)

“There’s no possible way,” sad Frost. She went on to explain that the pace of filming makes it virtually impossible to have alone-time with anyone. “As soon as you finish a date with someone, you are dragged away. You are not allowed to spend time with them,” she said.

Not going to lie, we’re a little bit disappointed.

So contestants can’t take That Step with their prospective partner. But surely that’s not everything? When did you know your partner was the one?