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Australia’s greatest detective, Ron Iddles, on the cases that made him cry.

After 42 years of eliciting confessions and nabbing murderers, ‘The Good Cop’ with a 99% conviction rate, Ron Iddles, is retiring.

On the latest episode of the Australian True Crime podcast, the man widely known as Australia’s greatest detective reflects on the cases that stuck with him and the ones that made him cry.

On being the only hope for the families of victims.

Having to tell Jill Meagher’s husband his wife was dead, then accuse him of orchestrating it.

And why he’ll never change his phone number. Because if your phone is on, you might just solve the crime. Even in the deep, dark middle of the night.

Want more Australian True Crime? The story of the Pettingill family is utterly chilling:

In conversation with Meshel Laurie, the former Australian police detective shares how he gets inside the psyche of criminals, the phone calls he gets from his police groupie stalkers and how he’ll make the switch from murder mysteries to movies on the couch.

Listen to the full episode of Australian True Crime with Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb here:

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