Meet the mum bought her three-year-old a $650 Louis Vuitton bag. And that's not all.

A UK woman infuriated parents around the world after admitting she buys designer fashion items for her toddler daughter, including a $650 Louis Vuitton bag.

“I only do it because she loves it. She loves to wear all the stuff, it’s addictive,” the mum-of-two said. “It is sort of for the mother’s benefit as well but I just feel like you have to spend that amount to get the looks with children.”

Appearing on UK breakfast show This Morning on Tuesday morning, Fern Weston-Bennett told viewers that her three year-old-daughter Nancy “has her own style,” which means she prefers luxury items over high-street fashion.

…Don’t we all?

designer kids clothes
Fern Weston-Bennett and Nancy on This Morning. Source: ITV.

"I think it would definitely be a waste of money on some children, but she's always liked them and used them from a very young age," Weston-Bennett said as Nancy sat on the sofa playing with her handbag.

Weston-Bennett did, however, point out that Nancy's "got a lot of high street ones as well," and said that her six-year-old son, Seth, is "not as bothered" in what he wears.

Trying to test the mother and daughter's claims, the show hosts produced a clothing rack with items that contained nothing under £100 (AU $160) and asked Nancy to select her favourite items.


Sadly, she became camera shy and was more interested in playing with her Louis Vuitton miniature.

When This Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford asked about giving young children, who are generally big fans of making messes, an expensive designer item, Weston-Bennett said, "they're quite well made... wipeable."

Too true, Weston-Bennett, too true.

Viewers of the popular morning show, however, did not share Weston-Bennett's chilled-out approach to her child's fashion.

designer kids clothes
Fern Weston-Bennett says her son doesn't care what he wears Source: ITV.

One viewer said: "These items on #ThisMorning about vanity specially among parents forcing it upon their kids makes me sick!" one viewer tweeted.

"She's not a doll love she's a human #thismorning" another wrote.

"That mother is not doing her kid any favours on #ThisMorning. Will grow up spoilt and ungrateful," another predicted.

Whether or not that will actually happen, though, only time will tell.