Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds has the most addictive Instagram we’ve ever seen.

derek morgan criminal minds

It all started when my friend asked me, “Do you remember Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds?”

Oh yes, I definitely remembered Derek Morgan:

derek morgan criminal minds

Derek Morgan. Image via Facebook.

It's kind of impossible to forget Derek Morgan, in all his bravery and beauty.

My friend proceeded to show me Derek Morgan's (his name's actually Shemar Moore) Instagram.

And, let me tell you, it is one of the most disturbing, yet equally hilarious, crazy and addictive things my eyes have ever been exposed to.



Is that clear?

After I saw these images and videos, I have not been able to watch Derek Morgan the same in Criminal Minds. 

This is your last chance to stop.

* * *

Okay, so you're still here. Let's get going on this glorious trip through his Instagram one step at a time:

1) His lip-syncing videos. 

Oh, good lord. I honestly can't get enough of these.

Firstly, there's his cover of Pillow Talk by Zayn Malik:

I don't know what the best part is. His shameless promotion of his Calvin Kleins, his incessant grinding, the perfectly propped hat and sunglasses, or how he has so perfectly lip-synced it.

There's also this little gem:

A classic rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'", again his shameless CKs and this time, his perfectly propped shirt just casually hanging out of his pocket.

2) His inspo videos. 

Moore has a habit of also posting inspiration videos to his loyal followers, who are also known as his "Baby Girls" (don't worry, I'll address this further later).

They can range from anything of what he has done that day, to them selecting whether they like version A, B, or C of Moore's smile. Real deep stuff.

But, by far, the best video was his incredibly moving Valentine's Day message:

This quote: "You're probably all been watching 50 Shades of Grey but you know you need to be right here getting 50 shades of brown sugar."

I almost can't deal with it.

3) His "Baby Girls". 

As I said earlier, his loyal fan base is called his "Baby Girls". I don't know why, I don't know how, but both him and his Baby Girls love it.

The best part is that it doesn't just end there.

In fact, you can buy whole ranges of "Baby Girl" merchandise, right here.

There are shirts, "booty shorts", nighties, hats, and posters. But nothing goes past his magical accessories:

derek morgan criminal minds

Image via

Order me one of those phone cases right now (kidding, I'm quite happy with my current one).

Proceeds from the site go towards MS Research, so that's very nice.

4) All. His. Glorious. Selfies. 

There's really not the right words available in the English dictionary to describes his selfies. Or, how many there are.

I simply present you with a comprehensive gallery of his sultry looks through his sunglasses, his perfectly propped hats, and his magnificent beard.

Please just take a look. Images via Instagram (Post continues after gallery.)

I can't tell you how much happiness this has brought to my life, Shemar Moore. Please don't stop.


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