All the best looks from Derby Day 2015.

Question: What’s black and white and desperately trying to find an umbrella?

Answer: Everyone at today’s Derby Day.

Hilary Swanks and fashion blogger, Margaret Zhang show there's always time for a selfie. Image: Instagram.

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Melbourne has delivered rain and storms on one of the most stylish days of the racing season. But that hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of fashionistas...

Edwina Bartholomew, Sam Armytage and Rebecca Maddern at Derby Day. Image: @sam_armytage.

In big hats and 1950s silhouettes, the celebrities have one message: Old-fashioned glamour is back.

Jennifer Hawkins brings sexy back to Derby Day. Image: Instagram.

See it all here:

We think Hilary Swank, Jennifer Hawkins and Kate Waterhouse had the stand-out frocks. Let us know your favourites in the comments. 

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