Dennis the Menace is all grown up. And he looks... Good.

Less of a menace, more of a babe?

Today in Celebrities All Grown Up news comes this: Dennis the Menace is a full fledged human being now. And he’s leading a very normal human being life.

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Mason Gamble (AKA Dennis) was that adorable blonde kid who terrorised Mr Wilson in the 1993 classic Dennis the Menace. At 6-years-old he scored the role over the 20,000 other kids vying to be cast in the movie adaptation as the cheeky comic strip character.

Those overalls. That striped T-shirt. Dennis the Menace was nineties gold.

While Gamble featured in Rushmore and Spy Hard, and has dabbled in TV show appearances over the years (including ER and CSI: Miami), he decided acting wasn’t for him and headed to ULCA university to score himself a dentistry degree. As one does.

And this is what he looks like these days…

Yes, Dennis the Menace, AKA Mason Gamble, is now an actual grown up.

Yeah, see? He’s 29 now and he’s got a 29 year old face.

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You’ll be pleased to know that Dennis/Mason dodged the treacherous fate of many childhood stars (ahem, drug habits and rehab stints), and is a marine biologist. He can marine our biology any time. Wait, what?

What was your favourite nineties movie?

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