Comedian Denise Scott is making the most of life's disappointments.

Denise Scott knows the best comedy material comes from the worst moments of your life.

The veteran comedian is headlining Action Aid’s annual all-women comedy gala – Frocking Hilarious – this Friday night at Sydney Town Hall.

“It’s a really fantastic night,” she says. “Everyone knows the money is going towards helping women around the world, and that positive vibe really buoys the night.”

"I snort and laugh and talk about arthritis - it's pretty sexy." Image via Facebook.

"The vibe is amazing - it's really special to have all that female energy in one room."

Scott will be joined on stage by a hilarious line-up of female comics including Jackie Loeb, Susie Youssef and Gen Fricker, who will perform some of their best stand-up for the audience.

"I snort and laugh and talk about arthritis - it's pretty sexy," Scott jokes.

Denise is currently touring the country with Judith Lucy - performing their show Disappointments - which is all about making women laugh and seeing the funny side of failure.

"It starts off with the Facebook bulls**t - we're fabulous, our lives are fabulous," Scott explains. "We're very mindful people. And then the reality is quite grim. It really is full of disappointments."


"There's much more fun to be had with disappointments than successes," she adds.

Scott says even though the show deals with what's gone wrong in their professional and personal lives - it's actually really uplifting.

"In the end of the show, me, Judith and the audience are all celebrating our disappointments together."

The show came about because both Denise and Judith were unemployed and looking for something to do.

"We'd had TV shows that we'd pitched but they'd been rejected," Scott says.

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"So we decided we'd do a live show together."

"In some ways we're lucky - as Judith says - we get to turn our lemons into lemonade. The negative can quickly become comedy."

All the proceeds from Frocking Hilarious will go towards ActionAid Australia. ActionAid supports women around the globe to take action to claim their human rights. You can buy tickets here