A man has been found dead in Demi Moore's pool.

Just awful.

A man has been found dead at the home of actress Demi Moore.

The 21-year-old man is believed to have drowned in Moore’s backyard pool.

Demi Moore.

Fairfax Media reports the man fell into the water during a house party at the 52-year-old actress’ Los Angeles residence.

“The man who died did not know how to swim and it appears he slipped and fell in the pool,” TMZ reports.  “We’re told there was no foul play.”

Moore and her family were not at home over the weekend — and it is alleged the party was held by a caretaker.

“We’re told the caretaker and the others went out at some point leaving the victim behind, and when they returned they found him at the bottom of the pool,” TMZ also reported.

The deceased man has not been identified, but LA Times reports the police believe it could be a staff member.

Demi in her pool. Image: Instagram/Tallulah Willis.

The home reportedly was purchased by Moore and ex-husband Ashton Kutcher.

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