Demi Lovato's mum committed the parenting no-no everyone with an ex-partner dreads.

As incredibly hard as a break up is for the people breaking up, it can also be a huge blow for their families.

Think about it: after welcoming a person into their family for one, two, six or even ten, twenty years, suddenly they’re removed from their lives and there’s nothing they can do about it.

So we can understand why Demi Lovato’s mum Dianna De La Garza might still be hoping that her daughter and her ex-boyfriend, That 70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama, will one day get back together.

However, when she decided to tell interviewers about her hopes this week, she committed one of the great parenting taboos.

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“I do like them together,” De La Garza said about the exes who split in June 2016 when asked by Access Live this week. “I have to be honest — I would be happy if they were together forever, but I don’t know anything about a timeline or even if it’s going to happen.”

“They’re amazing friends and hopefully one day it will be more than that. And if it’s not, that will be up to her, I guess. But I do like them together.”

On behalf of children everywhere, we can confidently say that no daughter or son wants their parent to suggest they get back with their ex – whether to their face or in an interview with an entertainment show.

At best, it’s annoying to be reminded “[Insert ex’s name] was such a lovely boy” and at worst, it’s a painful knock to a still mending heart.

Because parents, they might have been “lovely” to you, but we broke up for a reason. Please remember that.

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