The Voice fans have some very strong views on Delta Goodrem's chair antics.

The Voice blind auditions are well and truly underway and are, as usual, an emotional rollercoaster.

There’s the fretting for the contestants (Will the single mum break a ukelele string? Will the man in the hat choke on that fearsome stray beard hair?) which is absolutely exacerbated by the will-they-won’t-they of the judges’ button mashing antics.

Just when you think, ‘They will!’… they don’t. And just when you think it’s all over, those big red buzzers light up across the board.

Truly, it’s incredible television.

But some are fed up with the “theatrics”, some just want Delta Goodrem to “press the damn button” without gesticulating wildly first.



And unfortunately for poor Delts, those same people are very active on Twitter.

By no means is the singer the only one guilty of melodramatics, either.

Seal likes to look deadly serious until the verrry last second then suddenly slam that thing down like it’s the speed round of Sale Of The Century.

Kelly Rowland is prone to banging it will her heel from time to time…

And Boy George is just, well, Boy George.

Besides, lay off Delta, it’s her thing, OKAY?


Anyway, for every Delta detester, there’s like a hundred (that’s a guesstimate) uber-fans ready to smash them over the head with a signed copy of Innocent Eyes.

What do you think: Should the Queen learn to sit still on her throne?

Or should people learn to keep their snark off their smartphones?

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