FLUFF: We have a problem with Delta Goodrem's sexy new ad.

Imagine, for a moment, you really want to sell toothpaste.

How long would it take for you to say out loud, “We should get that beautiful singer Delta Goodrem to take her clothes off in front of a piano…… to sell that toothpaste”?

Well, we don’t know how long it took these guys to get there. But get there, they did.

Here’s Delta Goodrem (possessor of the most glorious hair in all the land), singing, doing sexy eyes, and taking layers of clothing off.

For the sake of toothpaste.


We have one, somewhat important objection.

Goodrem is singing Joe Cocker’s song “You can leave your hat on.”

Which is, as you know, possibly the most important song ever written about leaving a hat on your head. It’s the unofficial anthem for headwear enthusiasts the world over.

And yet.

Delta does not, in fact, leave her hat on.

Delta. Hat on.

She takes it off.

Delta, moments later.

She just… Takes that hat off, like she’s not singing about doing the exact opposite.

That doesn’t taste like toothpaste.

It tastes like lies.

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