Delta Goodrem talks about that time she dated Guy Sebastian.

If you aren’t up on the whole Delta Goodrem dated Guy Sebastian thing… I will let you take a minute.

It’s okay. We were all a little floored when Sebastian admitted in February this year that he dated Goodrem for four months.

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But now, Goodrem, who is doing the media rounds for her latest single Wings, talked about those few months the couple were… a couple.

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Goodrem was on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show and played their “Yes or No” game. Basically, Kyle and Jackie O fire a bunch of questions at a celebrity and they have to answer yes or no… without anymore details.

“Was Guy Sebastian a good kisser?”

“Yes…. long time ago, guys.”

She also elaborated that she wasn’t that phased when Sebastian told the news they dated after he finished on Australian Idol.

“I was like, ‘Well that happened!'”

Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem. Image via Getty.

So, we can assume he didn't clear the walk-down-memory-lane revelation with Goodrem before blurting it out.

Goodrem also said she isn't on Tinder, she's had a secret relationship with a celeb (we assume the relationship with Sebastian doesn't count...cause it's no longer a secret), she's been cheated on before and she's never smoked. She kept mum on the rumours she's dating DJ Chris Stafford (is that the secret celeb relationship?).

At the time of Sebastian's revelation, The Daily Telegraph accused Sebastian of cheating on his wife, Jules, saying that Sebastian was dating both women at the same time.

Image via The Daily Telegraph.

Sebastian clarified the misprint saying that he was very single at the time he was with Goodrem.

Image via Instagram.

We can only assuming he is smiling now. Who doesn't want someone like Goodrem telling them they are a good pash?

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