FLUFF: Delta Goodrem was an awkward teenager too.

It’s not Throwback Thursday OR Flashback Friday, but we don’t even care.

We’re bringing you these vintage Delta Goodrem photos on a Wednesday because we don’t play by the rules / danger is our middle name / we live on the edge / we’re above the law / we really want to.

Photos of Delta’s first-ever photo shoot have been released and they’re all kinds of sweet and innocent and lovely.

But first. Here’s Delta “Babe From Babe Town” Goodrem thesedays.

Here she was at her first Logies red carpet.

And here she is, age 13, first time in front of the camera. Braces and everything.

Playing it cool with this classic fashion pose…

And finally, the ultimate 1991 flashback from Delta herself. Cute factor approximately 1000000.

And for that particular journey through time and space and plastic surgery rumours, you are most welcome.

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