The awkward Delta Goodrem photo everyone is talking about.

Well this is awkward.

Last night, this photo of Delta Goodrem grooving at a Beyonce concert went viral.

It’s an American comedian describing Delta’s dance moves like so:

“Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert. This bitch dancing to AC/DC,” wrote Marlon Wayans (the “artist” who brought us the “film” White Chicks, for those of you playing at home).

Look, maybe this is a joke. Maybe Delta is friends with Marlon.


He just dance-shamed one of Australia’s best pop stars.

Either way, Delta just hit back and made a funny on Twitter.

In response to everyone freaking the freak out, she posted this video of Elaine from Seinfeld doing her infamous dance:

Which you can watch here:

Marlon: 1.

Delta: 1.

It’s a draw, internet friends. It’s a draw.

And Delta? Let’s go dancing girl. We’ve got the same moves.

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