Doctors and nurses share their delivery room horror stories.

When you’re in labour, the last thing you want is a family drama unfolding in the delivery room. But apparently, it’s quite common.

At least according to the doctors and nurses who have taken to Reddit to share their delivery room horror stories. Some are funny, some are sad – and some are downright disgusting.

jmihelc2 wrote, “I was a third year medical student and a pregnant woman came to floor in labour… All of sudden we hear a scream and we run into her room. Her nurse made it there first to find a newborn baby with its head in the toilet and feet up in the air.”

"Her nurse made it there first to find a newborn baby with its head in the toilet and feet up in the air."

cheechsfeist said, "The baby came out with darker skin than expected, and the husband went absolutely bonkers, screaming at his wife and throwing things around the room. His wife had not been faithful."

My_Name_Is_Pearl shared a (fairly gross) family story, "Not a nurse/doctor, but my mum was the only one present when my sister gave birth. So she decides to take a picture of the midwife holding up the baby and sends it to me and my three brothers. Unfortunately my sister's hoohah was visible in the picture."

But probably the most dramatic story was courtesy of Hottiemcgee, who wrote, "A woman had a baby and she didn't want her alcoholic father to know. He showed up on labour and delivery, absolutely smashed out of his mind demanding he meet his grandchild."

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"We denied his daughter was there. He started to yell, and the baby's father heard him and came out to ask him to leave. He (the drunk grandpa) became very irate and started to smash the windows in the doors and nursing station. The father of the child tackled him, grabbed him by his collar and dragged out of the unit, onto an elevator then dragged him outside," they continued.

"It's sad how many inebriated people show up demanding to see the new member of the family. It's a regular occurrence," the Redditor concluded.


Are we the only ones clenching our legs in horror right now?

Did anything memorable happen while you were giving birth? 

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