Regret sending that text message? Here's how to delete it before it's seen.

Ever sent a text to your mum that was meant for your partner? How about a late-night invitation that seemed like a great idea after a bottle of wine but a nightmare in the light of day?

There are times when little mistakes over text translate into big humiliations – thankfully, like the majority of small issues of 2016, there’s an app for that.

A new app called Protect Your Privates offers users the ability to delete a text before the recipient has read it.

The functions require both users to have downloaded the app. Source: Original Image.

Protect Your Privates allows users to click the 'recall' button and the message will be withdrawn and your humiliation avoided.

Messages are deleted at the server so they'll disappear on both devices and become irretrievable.

The function is not limited to texts as users can also withdraw images and videos too.

Here's some texts our exes may have liked to have deleted. Post continues after video... 


The application even goes so far as to provide preset layers of security that delete unread messages after a certain amount of time.

Users can choose between three settings: mild, wild and insane.

Mild: the message is deleted after 24 hours.

Wild: the message is deleted after 12 hours.

Insane: the message is deleted after 2 hours.

Source: Original Image.

Protect Your Privates also prevents users from taking screenshots by sending notifications to the sender if the recipient is so bold as to take one.

The application may be a godsend for those of us with naughty-after-negroni thumbs but messages must be sent using the application after both parties have signed up.

The app is currently only available on iOS but has plans to include both windows and android devices too.