The strangest thing about Dee finally returning to Neighbours.

The return of Dee Bliss to Neighbours has shaken us to the core.

We knew something big was about to go down, but as far as Aussie soaps go, this one really took the cake.

Listen to The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk explain exactly what was so shocking about Dee’s return. 

“I escaped the car as it was sinking,” she said. “I heard you calling my name. You were screaming for me, begging me to answer. I called for you. The waves just kept pushing me down.”

My wedding dress kept dragging me down, maybe that’s why they didn’t spot me. And then the weather turned and I was so cold Toadie.”

Toadie and Dee on their wedding day back in 2003. Admit it, they belong together. Or do they... Image: Network Ten

It was fabulous. Her return was FABULOUS. It was everything we could have dreamed of. And Toadie, once he comes to terms with her return, will be happy too.

Toadie and Dee belong together.

The best scene, BY FAR, was when Toadie makes them both a cup of tea.

Because guys, tea fixes everything and if you were in doubt, you need to watch this episode immediately or re-watch it.

But now we are left with so many questions...

Listen to the newest episode of The Binge , because there's a whole lot more happening in TV right now. 

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