The 10 biggest outdoor wedding trends of 2017.

If they weren’t immensely popular in 2016, outdoor weddings are set to absolutely take over in 2017.

And with an outdoor setting comes endless decorating possibilities. The biggest decorating trends of the year are predicted to be vintage themed; think floral gardens, barns and weddings with a forest backdrop.

Pinterest, Vogue and bridal magazines are championing classic wedding invites, neutral tones and subtle floral touches.

Alison Laesser-Keck and Bryan Keck, founders of VLD Events, told Vogue: “The worst mistake we see is when people embrace a trend when it doesn’t even make sense in the space.”

So outdoor weddings are all about understanding your surroundings, and using decorations to complement the already beautiful atmosphere.

We scoured the internet to uncover the 10 biggest decoration ideas for a perfect outdoor wedding.


Outdoor weddings offer countless opportunities for themes and decorations.

Good luck!

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