Decorating the perfect nursery for a new baby.

Looking for awesome nursery inspiration? Look no further.

Setting up a nursery for a new baby is really exciting. But it can also be really daunting. Where do you start? What do you need? Here are some handy hints on setting up the perfect nursery for your new arrival.

Choose a colour scheme.

Don’t think just because you’re due with a little lady you need to sign up for a pink paradise. Same goes for the boys. While you can absolutely commit to a gender colour scheme if you want to, there is nothing to say you can’t create the perfect room for a baby girl in blue hues.  There are also some fantastic gender neutral options which you can jazz up later if you’re keeping bubs gender a surprise.

And don’t forget about wall paper, like this Vintage Wallpaper in Butter Yellow and Silver from Etsy:

Vintage Wallpaper in Butter Yellow and Silver from Etsy

Go for adaptability.

Go for a theme that will grow with your child.

While bunnies and lambs suited your newborn the day they came home, that baby will soon be a preschooler with more of a preference for Ninja Turtles. You can make it easy for yourself by keeping the basics pretty simple, like solid colours and plain furniture and accessorise with specifics. Find some fantastic murals online, which can be easily removed when your little bundle grows, and replaced with something more age appropriate. Bedding and cushions can change the look of a room completely and well priced framed prints will liven up the walls, like this one from Etsy:

Walking elephants illustration.

Invest in a good feeding chair.

Choose something comfortable, because you're going to be spending a lot of time there! Whether you choose to bottle or breast feed, a chair with arms on it is going to be way more comfortable while you're holding baby.

Again, keep it plain and accessorise with coloured cushions and throws to complement the room. Whatever you do, make sure that chair is stain protected well before your due date.


Organise with baskets and boxes.

Keep all of babies consumables tidy and within arms reach of the change table by using wicker baskets or coloured boxes for storage.

These are available in so many colours and designs that you'll be able to find something to suit fairly easily. They look way better than half empty cardboard boxes lying around, and you'll be able to see exactly how many you have left. Trust me, you don't want to run out of nappies!

These woven baskets are just $14.00 from Kmart:

Homemaker Woven Storage Basket.

Add some personality.

As baby grows, they will become more and more interested in their surroundings. Give them something to look at with personalised canvas prints, or family photos. Just be sure to hang pictures well away from the cot. In the unlikely event that a hook gives way, you don't want it crashing down on your little one.

Easy to view storage.

Cubed shaped bookshelves are fantastic for nursery storage. You can use some shelves to display keepsakes and photos, and use others for books or baskets of toys. They are easy to clean and can be changed around depending on your needs. Try this one from IKEA:

IKEA Barnslig Ringdans Mini chest with 4 drawers.

And if you need some inspiration CLICK THROUGH the gallery for the best nurseries we found:

How did you decorate your nursery?

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