Dear Zoe: how long is too long for hair?

Dear Zoe, Knower Of All Things Beau-tay,


My hair is the longest it’s been since I was a kid and I am at that stage where I do not want to even have it trimmed as I am so jealously guarding every last millimetre. Scissors be gone. Hairdresser, STEP DOWN BITCH (she’s not a bitch really, she’s lovely, I’m just trying to talk ghetto – and failing)


The ends of my hair are getting really ratty.

I’ve always been intimidated and confused by all those hair masks and serums and whatnot. And I remember my hairdresser once telling me that any product with protein in it, if you leave it in for too long, can cause your hair to snap off. True?

So, Beauty Expert, what do I do?

How can I make my hair soft and silky and nourish it like a Jewish mother giving her family matzo ball soup? But with hair. And without cutlery.

Love, Mia


Dear Growing-Out,


I know exactly what you mean… I too am sporting the longest hair since high school and am very reluctant to let ANYONE near it! But guess what. I have to. And so do you. Because that hair at the ends is so old, and so fine, that eventually it will split and make all of your hair look a bit shit.

Snipping the ends won’t make it grow faster, which some stupid people believe, but what it will do is get rid of those nasty dry bits so that you can enjoy the illusion of thicker, lusher, longer hair.
In terms of products, don’t worry about protein. It’s more for seriously processed hair. A deeply hydrating shampoo and conditioner will help you with your dryness. Look for prodz that specifically target hydration, or even length, which some do now. The Joico K-Pak range might be good for you. Especially if you’re having TV hair done once or twice a week, which really thrashes it. Try something like the light version of Moroccan oil on damp hair after washing at home, or a lightweight leave in conditioner (I love the KMS one which gives volume and conditions) and once a week a treatment like the one I love, which is cheap as, and makes my hair instantly behave. It’s quite heavy in the hair, but it’s worth it.

Also, never ever brush your wet hair. And when you style it at home, wrap dry it, instead of using a barrel brush. So much more gentle.

I hope this helps!
All the best,