Dear World, this is what a woman looks like soon after giving birth to a human baby.


Hello Jools Oliver, wife of Jamie. Mother of Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey and little Petal Blossom Rainbow. You can call your babies whatever you damn please because you are doing women everywhere a giant favour by showing the world what a REAL New Mummy Tummy looks like.


As one UK journalist and mother wrote:

Her husband Jamie might steal the limelight as he cooks roast lamb
for world leaders and sorts out our school dinners, but the real star
of the Oliver family is Jools.

She has always been a poster girl for real mums like me, and I
cheered when I saw the photos of her introducing newborn Petal Blossom
Rainbow outside the Portland Hospital last week.

Of course, Jools glowed with pride as she showed off her gorgeous 6lb
10oz baby girl, but she also looked that rarest of rare things for a
celebrity mum – normal.

Wearing jeans and a jumper, her hair was all over the place, her nose
was shiny and she made no attempt to hide the large tummy that just
eight hours before had carried her baby.
Those celebrity mums who hide away until they’ve starved themselves
back to size zero just make us feel inadequate when we are at our most

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