Save yourself $789 on the 10 baby products you'll never use.

There’s so much to buy when you’re planning for your baby to come. But these things? A new survey says, don’t bother.

As new parents, we are bombarded with advice from the minute we announce “We’re preggers!” What we should and shouldn’t eat. What we should and shouldn’t buy. It is endless.

But it is okay. The best way to know what you will need as a new parent is to listen to other parents who have recently been there. Then they can show you the pile of items that they bought and are still in their packaging. Even as they celebrate their child’s third birthday.

And if you are the first of your friends and family to have a baby, then don’t worry. Consumer watchdog Which? in the UK asked over 2,000 parents of children aged five or under to vote for the baby items that they considered the most and least useful. (P.S. It excluded products such as cots and car seats.)

Which? editor Richard Headland said:

“Deciding which baby products to buy, especially if you’re expecting your first child, can be overwhelming. Our survey of parents showed some clear winners that will make life with a newborn much easier, and those you can probably do without.”

While the most popular baby product was the stair-gate (to keep the precious crawling bub from giving the stairs a go), what we loved was the 10 products parents found least useful. Particularly because having a baby can be expensive and really, we don’t need to spend money on things we won’t need.

So here it is: click through this gallery to see the top 10 baby products that parents found to be the least useful:

Top 10 Least Useful Products

  1. Door baby bouncer ($79)
  2. Baby washing bowls ($33)
  3. Manual breast pump ($89)
  4. Baby hammock ($165)
  5. Fabric sling ($99)
  6. Nappy stacker ($33)
  7. Bumbo seat ($79)
  8. Cot mobile ($64)
  9. Swaddling blanket ($69)
  10. Nappy disposal bin ($79)

Total saved: $789

(Source: Which?)

Do you agree with this list? Did you use any of these things?

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