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A fat-shamer just got shamed.

Over the past couple of days, a minute video called ‘Dear Fat People’ has gone viral.

The video – made by comedian Nicole Arbour – has been viewed around 20 million times.

During the vile rant, Arbour claims “fat shaming is not a thing – fat people made that up”.

She says playing the “race card”, “disability card” or “gay card” was legitimate because those groups were wrongly discriminated against, but that overweight people should not get any sympathy or special treatment.

“Shame people who have bad habits until they f***ing stop. Fat shaming. If we offend you so much that you lose weight, I’m okay with that,” she says.

The offensive diatribe also targets body positive hashtags on social media and the plus-size label.

“If you want to be positive to your body, work out and eat well,” she says.

“They forgot to tell you that plus-size stands for plus heart disease, plus knee problems, plus diabetes, plus your family and friends crying that they lost you too soon because you needed to have a Coke plus fries.”

dear fat people video
Nicole recreates trying to watch a movie on a plane while holding the fat of the passenger beside her at bay. Image via YouTube.

Arbour claims she is not releasing this “bomb of truth…. to be an asshole”, but wants obese people to become healthier.

She rounds off the video with a story of a ‘fat family’ at the airport who she claims smelt like sausages and received special treatment – from cutting lines and getting driven around to receiving special seating on board the plane.

The comedian claims she had to hold the fat of the man who was seated next to her with her hands to keep it off her and told him to “make better choices”.

But Tony Posnanski claims that he was that man – and he has hit back in a blog post.

“I have been the butt of numerous jokes,” he wrote.

Tony Posnanski proudly shows his before and after photos. Image via Facebook.

“It is easy right. We do not look alike. You are thin, and I am fat. You are attractive and I am not so much. So I am obviously the weaker one.


Mr Posnanski says he has been picked on because of his weight his whole life.

“Everyone has problems. Mine are just more visible,” he said.

“The truth is you humiliated me by yelling and screaming about my weight. You made a mockery of a little boy for being different than you. You never had to “push my fat” with your hands, but you did make a spectacle of my weight. You never had to put the armrest between us because I was not close. But you wanted to make me feel that way. You wanted to make me feel ashamed for my weight. You did not even know that… I hit my 10 pounds lost mark that day on the plane.”

Mr Posnanski, who has lost 90kgs, said no one should lose weight because of Arbour’s “hate” or “horrible words”.

“I am not lazy. I am a hard worker and honestly Nicole, I am a human being just like you.

“But all fat people are lazy in your eyes. All fat people are stupid in your eyes. Fat is disgusting in your eyes.

“Not to me. It is who I am and I love myself.”

dear fat people video
Meghan Tonjes was visibly upset in her video response. Image via YouTube.

Others have rallied against the offensive video – which caused Arbour’s YouTube account to be temporarily shut down – including plus-size model and singer Meghan Tonjes.

In an emotional video, Ms Tonjes said the rant was not going to inspire anybody to lose weight.

“To plant a seed of change and to plant a seed of positivity and growth, but to plant, like, it in soil that’s based in complete hatred of yourself, like, nothing’s ever gonna happen,” she said.

Watch her video here:

Video via Meghan Tonjes
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