'You're a horrible person.' Woman writes into advice column, and gets a brutal response.

When a woman wrote into an advice column titled “Ask Amy,” she probably wasn’t aware of the very harsh reality check she was about to receive.

Sharing the startling newspaper clip out on the Reddit sub-thread ‘Murdered By Words,’ the woman starts her letter asking Amy for advice about her sister, ‘Wendy,’ who feels left out by her sisters and cousins who go on an annual weekend shopping excursion in their home city.

“We stay in a hotel, treat ourselves, shop for our children and go out for lunches and dinners. It is a great time to reconnect,” the woman writes.

“I have a sister ‘Wendy’ whom we do not invite. She is offended to the point of tears when she finds we have not invited her.”

Image: Reddit.

'Sad sister' then haphazardly acknowledges that the other women in her family are all married stay-at-home mums, while Wendy is a "divorced, working mum with one young child". She also knows that she "doesn't have very much money" for a shopping trip and doesn't have the same interests, nor does she attend church, like the other sisters and cousins.

"Plain and simple, she does not really fit in with us anymore," she writes.

However, when 'sad sister' told Wendy, she was still unable to register exactly why Wendy felt so upset that she was being ostracised from the family. In fact, she writes, Wendy even had to audacity to go to her house to cry about it, which the writer said upset her children so her husband threatened to call the police on her.

'Sad sister' then asked Amy how she could get her sister to understand that "she should perhaps find another set of friends whose lives and interests align more closely with hers?"


But it seems Ask Amy doesn't mince her words.

"First, let's establish that I agree with your sister. You are a horrible person," she writes.

"Obviously you can do whatever you want... but you don't get to do this and also blame the person you are excluding for not fitting in,'" she continued.

"The only way your sister would ever fit in would be for you to make room for her. You are unwilling to do that.

"Her being upset is completely justified, and you'll just have to live with that."

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She even attacked the hypocrisy of how 'sad sister' used her sister's non-religious views as another way to segregate her from the family, especially when the bible clearly advocates for family members to love each other.

"Perhaps this is something you could ponder from your church pew, because despite your regular attendance, you don't seem to have learned much," she finished.

Other Reddit users also evidently sided with the 'other sister'.

"It's remarkable to me that people like this exist. Like fine, don't invite someone to a thing you don't think they'd enjoy. That's understandable. But when they confront you and say they'd like to join, you justify your actions by shaming them?" wrote one user.

"It's a classic example of someone who just assumes everyone will be just as aghast as she is by things she believes to be unforgivable. In her mind everyone who hears her story will obviously reach the same conclusions as her," wrote another.

We'd be very interested to know whether 'sad sister' has changed her perspective on her 'dilemma'.

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