Your favourite justice-fighter from Making a Murderer is getting his own show.

Making a Murderer‘s breakout star was undeniably lawyer and normcore vanguard Dean Strang, and in what I consider truly just news, he is getting his own TV show.

As the entire world binge-watched the Netflix phenomenon Making a Murderer, something extremely unexpected happened.

Amid our indignation at the injustice, we felt something else. Something in our pants. And so it was that an unlikely sex symbol emerged in the form of Steven Avery co-counsel Dean Strang (big ups to Jerome Buting, too).

This is what the internet said about him.

The women and men of the world didn’t care that his entire wardrobe consists of woolly jumpers and dad jeans. We were attracted to his strong sense of justice, which proved a potent aphrodisiac.

It’s true. We all want some Strang. The good news? We can get all the Strang we need in his new TV show!

It’s called Dean Strang: Road to Justice, and it will feature our boy Strang investigating cases in which the US legal system has failed.

According to Deadline, the show will be “shot in vérité style similar to Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown“.

Watch the trailer for Making a Murderer… If you haven’t seen it yet, hang your head.

“Through his captivating work as Steven Avery’s defense attorney that we encountered in Making a Murderer, Dean Strang has become a leading voice in the fight for justice,” Saul Goldberg, who will co-produce the series with Strang, told Deadline.

“We are thrilled to be working with Dean on this landmark series that will shine a light on many other extraordinary cases where the criminal justice system has failed.”

We are thrilled, too, Saul. Dang, Strang!