With two words, Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris just made a major X-rated Twitter mistake.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

It’s Friday and we are delighted to present to you perhaps the greatest Twitter blooper we have ever seen.

You’ll probably recognise Dean Norris. This guy is best known for playing the surly character of Hank on Breaking Bad.

He also has about 520,000 followers on Twitter. And not one of them really knew quite what to say when, out of nowhere, he fired off two very simple but also very surprising words: “sex gifs”.

dean norris tweet
Orly? Image: Twitter.

So insightful.

So eloquent.

So... oh lordy where do I look?

Of course, at first the internet reacted a little like this...

breaking bad walter white
We're with ya, Walt. Image: AMC.

The theory is that Dean was on the hunt for some sexy images but confused the text box where you post a tweet for the search bar. (We've all been there. Except usually the gaffe involves accidentally posting the name of the ex you were trying to stalk.)

A few helpful souls who know where to locate these "sex gifs" tried to, uh, point Dean in the right direction.

But mostly, the internet is having a field day.





The most peculiar part is, almost 24 hours later, the tweet is still up.

Is there a deeper (mind the pun) meaning to this we are all missing? Was Dean testing the power of virality? Did he get kidnapped by porn stars? Or was he really just having a lonely Thursday night?

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